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Physical Fitness​

As a logical extension of our commitment to provide support to sports and education, we feel physical fitness is very important to the well being of youth not only at an early age but throughout life


We are primarily interested in programs from elementary to the high school level that enhance the participation of all boys and girls in staying in school and saying NO to Drugs, as well as programs aimed at mentoring and improving education in general.


Social and Economic Issues

We support programs that locally address family, youth, community and civic issues. Of special interest are those whose goal addresses the issues of developing character, self-esteem and teamwork.

Youth Sports, Inc. is a non-profit organization that combines sports and education to foster character development, self-esteem, competitive spirit, and teamwork.  The organization gives back to the community by keeping our children occupied in a positive manner.  Our goal is to bring players with the desire, dedication and talent together to play at a high level of competition. Check out our Programs at work.


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